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What is Auto React?

Auto React is a free tool which helps users to increase Likes/Reactions/Comments on their Facebook posts and Followers/Friend Requests on their Facebook Profile. This tool is usually used by users to increase the reach of their Facebook profile/page posts.

Auto React was created on 5th November 2016 and is a successor of our previous exchange system Pro Likers (Founded on 16th November 2014). Pro Likers had lots of bugs issues, so we created this tool totally from scratch as a successor of it.

Auto React is one of the best exchange systems available and it'll always be. Moreover, its spam free and available 100% free without any charges (Except your data charges). This service will always be free and we'll never ask you to pay for using it.

How it Works?

There's not rocket science behind Auto React, it works just with some of the Facebook Graph APIs. For more information you can see this.

Can I Buy This Script?

Yes, you can buy this script if you want, you can contact us using the Contact Us page.

Need To Know How To Use Auto React?

Are you're a new user to Auto React and don't know how to use it? Don't worry, we'll help you out. We've created a step by step tutorial about "How to use Auto React", just watch the tutorial and then you'll get familiar to Auto React.

Watch Tutorial
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